Rio Rancho, NM – Commissioner Jay Block calls for the immediate resignation of Joe Biden after the crisis he has caused in Afghanistan led to the fall of Kabul and the Afghan President fleeing the country.

“In the twenty years I spent in uniform, the time I spent in Afghanistan were some of the most consequential, significant, and rewarding experiences I had. I often think about the amazing locals I met during my deployment. The young girl I passed walking to school (probably the first female in her family to receive an education), my friend and “brother” Hamraaz who saved my life there, my Afghan “daughter” Beehesta every week at an orphanage, and all the refugee camps I went to delivering much needed aid.

I wonder about their families and I can only imagine what those Taliban bastards will do to the hundreds of thousands of people that supported us. I think of the incredible American service members and civilians who risked their lives by being there doing amazing things for the people of Afghanistan to give them a better future.

I still have vivid memories of the place that trigger emotions after 15 years of being home. Part of me longs to go back there and I’m sure many of us who were there felt that we left part of us there never to return. I don’t regret going there one bit. It was the most satisfying thing I ever did in uniform serving those people who I came to love. I regret that we didn’t do enough. I regret we are going to leave too many behind that will lose their lives and be tortured. I regret our country cutting these people loose.

Joe Biden has the blood of Afghans on his hands today.  The United States has suffered defeat at the hands of barbaric cave dwellers who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 and killed thousands of my brothers and sisters in arms in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have a president who is weak and the world knows America can be pushed around and defeated. The Taliban knew this president would not be strong enough and now terrorists around the globe are emboldened by our weakness thanks to Biden.  He must resign now, or be removed from office. “