Rio Rancho, NM – Today, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block is proud to announce his fourth Sheriff endorsement, the endorsement of Lea County Sheriff Corey Helton. 

Block had this to say in response to his endorsement:

There’s a reason I have the most law enforcement endorsements, I’ve been to the border with them and it’s clear I have their backs. The American people, and especially New Mexicans, deserve a candidate who will stand up against the destructive lawlessness at the hands of corrupt radical leaders.

By joining forces, we will continue to reject the Radical Left agenda that has enabled the restart of the Catch and Release policy, the strategic delivery of unvetted illegal immigrants into our country by plane and bus, as well as the brazen hypocrisy of refusing to enforce COVID-19 mandates placed on America’s citizens.

By securing key endorsements, winning straw polls, and consistently being targeted by radical socialists attempting to take over the state, Jay has continued to gain momentum in his campaign for New Mexico leadership.

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