Rio Rancho, NM – Jay Block, a Republican candidate to become the next Governor of New Mexico, released a new campaign advertisement earlier today.

Block’s full ad can be viewed here.

Jay Block for Governor

According to his new video, Conservative Republican Jay Block supports preserving the 2nd Amendment, upholding voter identification laws, creating sustainable job growth, and completing former President Trump’s border wall. 

Block has also pledged to support the state’s oil and gas industry as a way of further supporting economic stability in the region, which he claims Grisham, New Mexico’s current governor, failed to protect. 

The gubernatorial hopeful has been vocal in his opposition towards New Mexico’s current Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham. Grisham, according to Block, has done too much in the way of ignoring the needs and concerns of everyday voters residing in the state. 

“[Gov.] Grisham supports excessive Federal overreach from the Biden Administration to halt the building of a border wall while supporting walls and fences for her and her elitist friends both here at home and in Washington DC. Grisham turned her back on New Mexico’s economy by not fighting to protect our oil and gas industry when Biden banned future fracking on Federal lands and canceled the Keystone Pipeline.” said Jay Block.

Block, a longtime New Mexico resident and Commissioner of Sandoval County, is also a decorated member of the U.S. Air Force (USAF), who served for more than 25 years defending the United States. 

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