Rio Rancho, NM – Yesterday, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block was notified by the New Mexico Secretary of State, after review of his declaration of candidacy, nominating petitions, and certificate of registration, he has fulfilled the requirements to be a candidate for the office of Governor at the Republican Party’s 2022 pre-primary convention. 

The Republican convention will take place on Saturday, February 26th, in Ruidoso. Delegates at the convention will vote on which of the five candidates for Governor should appear on the primary ballot. A candidate will need a minimum of twenty percent of the delegate votes cast to qualify for the ballot. 

Block has been working tirelessly since the new year meeting with convention delegates and earning their support in the upcoming convention vote. Over one hundred delegates have pledged their support so far, with more likely to pledge their support in the coming days. 

“This convention vote is the most important action any of these delegates may take in their entire lives as it relates to our state’s future. Our current Governor is running our state into the ground. These delegates are tasked with determining who can not only beat Grisham in November but who can lead New Mexico out of the proverbial basement and foster positive economic and social growth across the state,” Block said.

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