NEW MEXICO— Republican candidate for New Mexico Governor, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block, was recently attacked on social media. This was his response.

Block explained, “An instagram user who I will not name posted a poll that asked their followers to select from a list of conservatives, including myself, who is the most misogynistic, racist, etc.”

Block rebutted, “This is the exact same strategy they used for four years against President Trump. Yet, County Councilwoman Shontel Brown recently had the nerve to say “Some just want to attack Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Frankly, I’m sick of it.”. Hilarious coming from the same party who are using an ad hominem argument to defame my character.

Block continued, “The radical left is doing this because they are scared. Scared of me, scared of republicans, scared of YOU. We represent everything they work against; christian values, freedom of speech, and unwavering patriotic spirit.”

“I will not allow them to scare me into submission to their socialist fascist agenda.” Block concluded.