Rio Rancho, NM – Surrounded by over 100 friends, family, and supporters, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block announced his candidacy to oust Michelle Lujan Grisham as Governor of New Mexico at Veterans Memorial Park in Rio Rancho on Saturday afternoon. 

“So the Governor calls the people who protested her reelection announcement, ‘lizard people.’ Really, wow, very mature Governor, calling your own people you supposedly represent names. Low class but expected from a low-class leader who despises everyone that disagrees with her. Loser move,” Block posted on Facebook.

“Michelle has shown herself to be an out-of-touch elitist, she has favored her crony corporation friends over the hard-working small business owners of New Mexico,” Commissioner Block said during his prepared remarks. “I love our Constitution and I swore my life to protect and defend it. This Governor hates the constitution and the self-determination of the people. We need leadership, not tyranny.”

Block continued, “She turned her back on New Mexico’s economy by not fighting to protect our state’s revenue from oil and gas when Biden banned fracking.”

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