Solving New Mexico's Problems

My name is Jay Block

I’m running because our leaders have failed us. Like you, I’m tired of incompetent out of touch politicians like Michelle Lujan Grisham. She is too busy thinking of ways to hurt businesses and families and helping her crony friends rather than addressing the issues that matter to New Mexicans. New Mexicans are over-taxed, chained down by overhanded mandates, our kids are in the worst educational system in the country and our citizens are made less safe day-by-day.


I spent 25 years serving our country in the United States Air Force and I was honored to do it.

As Sandoval County Commissioner, I led the way making my county cleaner and safer than ever before. I fought for our Second Amendment liberties, lowered unemployment by one third, made my district (Rio Rancho and Corrales) the best place and safest place to live in New Mexico for the citizens.

Why I’m Running

As Commissioner in Sandoval County, I have fought the Governor’s unconstitutional COVID shutdowns that have hurt so many families and small businesses. I sponsored a resolution to open up small businesses so they could be treated the same as big business.

The current Governor has favored her crony corporations over the hard-working small business owners of New Mexico. Small businesses are operating at a 37% loss in revenue, and we have seen over 87,000 jobs disappear.

Grisham invited illegal immigrants into our state before and during this migrant crisis and pandemic, leaving our ranchers and farmers vulnerable along our southern border.

Grisham supports excessive Federal overreach from the Biden Administration to halt the building of a border wall while supporting walls and fences for her and her elitist friends both here at home and in Washington DC.

Grisham turned her back on New Mexico’s economy by not fighting to protect our oil and gas industry when Biden banned future fracking on Federal lands and canceled the Keystone Pipeline.

Grisham prioritizes the rights of criminals over the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding New Mexicans.

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, the first act after I am sworn in is to waive all penalties and fines against Churches and businesses the current Gov has levied on you. This heavy-handedness ends immediately.

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, I know that we need to take care of our first responders after their service to our communities, just like our veterans. If you’re a retired New Mexican first responder, I will push to waive 50-75% of your property taxes while you live in NM. I firmly believe and know from my military experience that many of our first responders have physical and mental scars after years of service.

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, unlike the current Governor, I will push immediately for the elimination of state taxes on social security income benefits. I will also immediately push to eliminate the tax on veteran pensions. We want to attract retirees and veterans to New Mexico to grow our economy. Putting your money back in your pocket vs. giving it to the government to mismanage and waste it is not an option in my administration.

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, I will not require a Vaccine Passport. Your medical privacy is exactly that, private. You will not be discriminated against by any public organization or private entity in the State of New Mexico under my watch.

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, I will push for an end to state taxation on your military pensions. We want and need to keep our vets here in New Mexico because they have much to offer. This Governor has talked a good game about supporting vets, but her actions speak in other ways. It is time we put an end to this ridiculous policy.

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, I will ask the Roundhouse to pass for my signature HJR 6, limiting the power of the Governor. The current Governor threatened to Veto this bipartisan bill this past session, and it was killed by the Senate Majority Leader who refused to put it up for a vote. This bill set limits on the length of time a governor’s emergency order can remain in effect without legislative approval. I believe a powerful executive is dangerous, and we are living that nightmare and have been for well over a year. The power belongs to you, not me. I will sign that bill!

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, I will listen to community and law enforcement leaders and ask what resources they need to help secure the border and provide safety for our citizens. I will not play politics with our southern border nor jeopardize the safety of our citizens who live along the border. We cannot just stand by and do nothing as this Governor has done. I will use our National Guard to help protect and secure our border under the law as they have done before. The Governor’s office can no longer ignore nor turn a blind eye to sex trafficking, drug cartels, human trafficking, terrorists, criminals, and other dangerous groups that come here illegally. Enough is enough.

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, I will ask the Roundhouse to send me a voter ID law to sign. Integrity in elections is critical to help ensure all sides that the election was fair, secure, and legitimate. This will help reduce costly lawsuits and potential delays for winners to be sworn into office to do the work of the people. I will also ask the state to fund those who may not have an ID.

As Governor, Jay will:

As your Governor, and unlike the current Governor who supports abortion up to birth, I will never support murdering children right up to birth or those that survive botched abortions. Supporting this policy is evil in my mind and devalues life. Life begins at conception and every life is sacred. I will be a fighter every day for the rights of the unborn to have a chance at life.