Rio Rancho, NM – Mere hours after Commissioner Jay Block announced his candidacy for Governor, in front of friends and family at Veterans Memorial Park in Rio Rancho on Saturday afternoon, the New Mexico Democratic Party released their first hit piece.

“Michelle has shown herself to be an out-of-touch elitist, she has favored her crony corporate friends over the hard-working small business owners of New Mexico,” Commissioner Block said during his announcement Saturday afternoon. 

Block continued, “I love our Constitution and I swore my life to protect and defend it. This Governor hates the constitution and the self-determination of the people. We need leadership, not tyranny.”

The story posted to their blog entitled “Jay Block Is Wrong for New Mexicans” is a poorly researched fabrication of facts. The urgency with which the NM Dems posted to their blog shows they are threatened by a Block candidacy and losing control of the Governor’s office. 

Block’s senior campaign strategist, Rory McShane said, “I’m really grateful to the New Mexico Democratic party for clearly demonstrating what a threat they perceive Jay Block to be, they know a military officer, with a record of local leadership and winning Democratic areas is the candidate who can take the Governor’s mansion…I’m just surprised to see them admit it so early through their negative attacks.”

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