Rio Rancho, NM – Less than two weeks after the New Mexico Democratic Party authored a hit piece on Republican challenger and Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block, Michelle Lujan Grisham cronies at the Democratic Governors Association are on the attack as well. 

In a tweet dated April 30th, they said, “Jay Block is so out of touch with New Mexico’s priorities, he can’t even get on the state’s evening news. But at least he can get some good press in… New Hampshire?”

“I am proud of my heritage, and I am proud of my service to this country that brought me to the great state of New Mexico. I have seen the United States, and I have traveled the world. I chose to settle here after retiring from active duty because I love New Mexico,” Block said, “While I am out talking to voters and hearing about how Grisham’s unconstitutional covid lockdowns and radical leftwing policies are affecting every day New Mexicans, Michelle is getting her liberal goons to attack me.”

Block continued, “But to be fair, she probably doesn’t have the time to come after me herself with sexual harassment allegations occupying her time. She needs third parties to do her dirty work for her.”

“While it is admirable the Democratic Governor’s Association tried to come after me, it should be noted that their tweet was factually incorrect as Channel 7, KOAT, as well as, the Albuquerque Journal and Sante Fe New Mexican, among others, had already covered my candidacy long before the New Hampshire article came about. Can these people get anything right? But I am honored that they feel like I am such a threat they would take time away from attacking our democracy to attack me,” Block Concluded.

About Commissioner Jay Block

In 1989, Jay graduated from high school and decided to serve his country by enlisting in the Air Force Reserve. He then transferred to the Air National Guard in North Dakota while attending college at North Dakota State University, where he interned for a U.S. Senator in 1993 and graduated in 1995 with a Political Science degree and a commission through the Air Force ROTC program.

Jay served for over 21 years as an ICBM missile maintenance and ICBM launch officer. He was hand-selected to test-launch a Minuteman III ICBM in 2001. Later that year, Jay earned a master’s degree in International Relations from Troy State University. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2016, and he and his family decided to stay in Rio Rancho. Due to his vast experience working in a nuclear enterprise, Jay started a second career as a consultant with a large firm in the private sector, where he is also involved in business development.

As Sandoval County Commissioner, Jay has led the way in making his county cleaner and safer than ever before. All while protecting the Second Amendment liberties of her residents and refusing to raise their taxes.

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