Rio Rancho, NM – The Democratic Party of Sandoval County (DPS) joined in on the dogpile of attacks on Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block along with the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) and the Democratic Governors Association (DGA). 

DGA attacked In a tweet dated April 30th, saying Jay Block is so out of touch with New Mexico’s priorities, he can’t even get on the state’s evening news. But at least he can get some good press in… New Hampshire?” An odd thing to say given that he was actually covered by several local news outlets. This happened just a few weeks after DPNM penned a poorly researched article titled “Jay Block Is Wrong for New Mexicans”. True to form, DPS followed this with a weak attack video. ( “I would describe the attacks…especially the video as CRINGE.” according to Brandon Kaiser spokesman for the Block campaign about the poorly produced but well coordinated attacks by Democratic groups.

Kaiser continued “It’s clear the Democrats are really worried about Jay Block, which is why they are throwing everything they got at him. They’re scared because he has consistently won in a Blue district. Commissioner Block has shown time and time again that he has a message that resonates with not only Republicans, but Democrats and Independent voters. They can’t seem to get their act together however, because all they got seems to be atrociously researched press releases, lousy articles, and crummy videos. The poor quality reminds me what kind of job Michelle Lujan-Grisham has done as Governor.”

About Commissioner Jay Block

In 1989, Jay graduated from high school and began his service immediately enlisted in the USAF Reserve. He transferred to the Air National Guard in North Dakota in 1990 to attend college at North Dakota State University, where he interned for a U.S. Senator in 1993 and graduated in 1995 with a Political Science degree and a commission through the Air Force ROTC program. He served for well over 20 years as a nuclear weapons officer, volunteered for a combat tour in Afghanistan, commanded twice on foreign soil representing our country, and finally retired in 2016 as a Lt Col.

During Jay’s Air Force career Jay served in numerous nuclear assignments. He was an ICBM launch Officer, ICBM Maintenance Officer, Nuclear policy officer at the Pentagon, Nuclear Command and Control Program Manager and also supported Space Launches for the Titan Launch Vehicle at Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL. His proudest moment in the nuclear enterprise was the high honor of being hand-selected due to his technical expertise to test launch a Minuteman III ICBM in 2001. Later that year, Jay earned a master’s degree in International Relations from Troy State University. 

Jay retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2016 from Kirtland AFB, NM. He fell in love with New Mexico and decided to stay in Rio Rancho. Due to his vast experience working in the Air Force nuclear enterprise, Jay started a second career as a nuclear weapons consultant leading teams and conducting business development.

Jay decided to continue to serve his community after his military service by running for Sandoval County Commissioner in 2016. Jay was the first Republican to win his district’s seat on the Sandoval County Commission and he was re-elected in 2020. On the Commission, Jay focused on economic development, illegal dumping, ethics, passed a 2nd Amendment sanctuary county resolution, sponsored and passed the first-ever Right to Work ordinance at the county level, and focused on public safety. He is the first Commissioner in the history of the county to receive union endorsements from both the Firefighters and Sheriff’s Deputies.

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